Author Guidelines

1) Submission of articles to the journal can only be done through DergiPark. Articles sent to the journal's e-mail address or editorial board will not be taken into consideration.
2) APA 7 spelling rules should be overall standard for manuscripts submitted to the journal.
3) It is sufficient for the article to be uploaded to the system by using one (1) line spacing, on A4 size paper, with a maximum of 25 pages, in Times New Roman, 12 font size. If the manuscript is accepted, the format requirements will be made by the "Spelling and Language Editors" of the journal.
4) If there are attachments such as tables, graphics, formulas in the article, it is also important to send them in a separate "Word" file.
5) The first page of the manuscript should include the title of the article, the author(s) name-surname, title, ORCID Number and contact information.
6) The manuscript should have Turkish and English titles. The Turkish title should not exceed 15 words.
7) The manuscript must contain a Turkish "Abstract" section of at least 250 words. An English abstract should also be included.
8) On the last page of the manuscript, there should be an Extended English Abstract with "introduction, method, findings and discussion sections", not less than 1000 words.
9) Key words in the article should be specified in Turkish and English, with a maximum number of 5.
10) The JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classification should be shown after the abstracts in the article.
For classification, can be used.

Below are the supplementary files required along with the manuscript prepared in accordance with the Manuscript Writing Rules:
1) Manuscripts with a bibliography excluded similarity report of more than 25% obtained using Turnitin/iThenticate software will not be evaluated. However, the decision whether the manuscript contains plagiarism is not made only by looking at the results of the similarity report. The editor examines the citation system used in the article along with the report in question and explains his/her final decision. The editor's final decision may be sending it back to the author for necessary corrections, or it may be rejecting the article.
2) Copyright Transfer Form
3) Ethics committee approval should be uploaded to the system in studies that require ethics committee approval*.
*Research that requires Ethics Committee approval is as follows.
• All kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from the participants by using survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment and interview techniques,
• Use of humans and animals (including material/data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,
• Clinical studies on humans,
• Research on animals,
• Retrospective studies in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data,
• Informing that “informed consent form” was taken in case reports,
• Obtaining and specifying permission from the owners for the use of scales, questionnaires, photographs belonging to others,
• Indication of compliance with copyright regulations for the intellectual and artistic works used,
*Retrospective ethics committee approval is not required for manuscripts that were published before 2020, derived from postgraduate/doctoral studies (must be specified in the article), applied for publication to the journal in the previous year, accepted but not yet published. In addition, in manuscripts with research data before 2020 and submitted to the journal in 2020, ethical reports are not requested, provided that the author states in the method section that the study data belongs to a date prior to 2020.

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